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    97 %

    Percentage of consumers that search online for local products and services.

    75 %

    Approximate percentage of internet users who ignore Paid Ads and Focus on organic search results

    74 %

    Percentage of smartphone users who actively use location based services.

    88 %

    Percentage of consumers who trust online reviews as much as personal  recommendations.

    Disclaimer:  The above numbers are approximates based on research on the internet from averages of several marketing data websites.  These numbers can be higher or lower and they are constantly changing as the internet is constantly changing.  The date above is not intended to make decisions for marketing but rather give us an indication of how consumers are using the internet. 


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    We are here to help you rank your own local business. There are a lot of people and companies that claim to be the best and promise to put you on the first page of Google. The problem with this concept is that everyone seems to be making the same promises and many times the results are not provided. Many local business owners, myself included, have received tons of phone calls and emails form local SEO companies.

    Some of these companies claim to be Google themselves, some use threatening techniques such as you are about to lose your Google listing and they can take care of it for a fee of course. Many of these guys are great salesman, this by no means make them an expert in marketing your local business online, just makes them an expert in sales techniques. As annoying as they may seem to be, learn from them, listen and try and remember what made you buy or almost buy and use it in your own marketing.

    The internet is constantly changing. We are here to help you and need your help. Send us your questions and or concerns on what it is you need help with. We do not promise to know everything but can promise to do what we can to get the information you want or need to help your business grow.

    Although ranking on the 1st page is the ultimate goal for you niche, the likelyhood and amount of time is all dependent on your competition, location, and niche. Most of you probably know this already but in there are some out there asking what does this have to do with my company, well... I can easily rank a snowplowing service in Houston, TX in the middle of August because there is no competition and it does not snow (enough) in Houston. However, there is a very high demand for air conditioning repairs in Houston TX in the middle of August, it's just deadgum hot there and cant live without A/C. So very high demand and many companies pay a lot of money for leads there.

    If you are in a very high competition and need help with your local business internet marketing, you are in the right place, bookmark us, share our site. We will be revealing what most companies charge for. You will also be shown techniques most don't even know about.

    So why do we do this, I mentioned transparency. Yes, we are in business for profit just as yourselves. Most of our training comes at no cost but some come in course form with step by step blueprint to follow, you can pass this on to whoever handles your online marketing if you wish. Some of our training will include affiliate links, this means we get paid a commission if you make a purchase through our link, keep in mind - the price does not go up for you and the affiliate company pays us, not you. An example would be a hosting company, we have a tutorial on how to build a website optimized for you local business, the tutorial is based on using Bluehost. We are an affiliate of Bluehost. This does not mean you have to use Bluehost or even use our affiliate link. The training is still there for you to use regardless of who you decide to make your purchases through. Just keep in mind, there is nothing required here to buy and no membership fees.

    The great thing about affiliate programs, we will be showing you how to monetize off these on your websites as well. Enjoy your visit, stay in touch, let us know how we are doing.

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