I’m Gerald Enriquez co-founder of Purpose Marketing, which provides training and education to the local small business owners in marketing their business on the internet.  I am also a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and investor in oil wells in Texas.

Purpose Marketing came as a result from previous expenses that produced low to no ROI.  Receiving many phone calls and emails soliciting and promising Google page 1 rankings and a ton of leads kept coming in with guaranteed results.  My brother Jake, other co-founder of Purpose Marketing, and I did our due diligence and found the prices for these services were extremely high and produced little to no results.

I set out to educate myself on how to make our own website and how to get it ranked.  The surprise is, it is not that difficult.  My brother and I  have made several websites and have had them rank on page one and have several videos ranking as well.

One of our real estate websites received “Cease and Desist” letters from our competitor.  We took the matter to an attorney and turns out we were simply receiving empty threats for using the basic business language common in the field.

In the real estate business, we encountered many small business owners that have paid an enormous amounts of money per month and had little to no results from these other companies promising Google page 1 rankings.  We decided to help a business get their website to the top of Google.  When that site got to the number 1 spot which did not take long, the idea came to make this website a business in itself.  There are many companies claiming to get your business to Google page one, we show our visitors how to get there with the option of having us do the work for them.  Providing this option gives our visitors the flexibility as well as the knowledge of what goes on to get their site ranked.  My brother and I believe in helping others achieve their marketing goals.

Personally I am happily married to Julie and we reside in Plano, TX.  Jake is happily married to Joey and they reside in Arlington, TX.  My brother and I have been working as business partners with each other since 2007.  We are men of faith and run our business accordingly.  Our purpose is to help others realize their purpose and prosper according.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy and share our site.

Gerald Enriquez