How to Convert Hot Prospects Into Paying Customers ... While You Sleep

If You Want To Close More Prospects On Choosing You As The Solution To Their Problems BEFORE They Even Pick Up The Phone To Call You Or Walk Into Your Office, Then This Is For You.

As real estate investors, we got so sick and tired of other paying other people to get us leads and exposure.  We were constantly paying more and more of our earnings and we nevver felt fully in control of our own prospecting and lead generation.

​That's when we decided to get real and take matters into our own hands.  We figured why pay others insane amounts of money to send us leads when we could figure it out on our own. 

 So we got our hands dirty and self taught ourselves how to do everything.  We made our own website.  Learned how to rank that site on the first page of Google.  The captured our own leads.

We figured out how to be in control.

Then the unthinkable happened...

We Were Slapped In The Face With Cease And
Desist Letters From Our Competitors

Shocked and distressed, we immediately took the matter to an attorney in Dallas.

Well it turns out we were simply receiving empty threats for using the basic business language common to our field.

That’s how good we had gotten at our internet marketing and Google ranking skills…

The other guys felt so threatened… they were so enraged… all because we were legally outranking them for terms that they had to pay an arm and a leg to rank for.

What a compliment.

We were doing so well at online marketing that the competitors were actually scared of us.

It was that realization that has led us to where we are today.

Then we thought to ourselves...

Since we’re so good at getting these kinds of results, we should be sharing this knowledge with other local business owners who want to use the power of the internet to grow their business.

So now we’re releasing:

"The Blueprint For Converting


Local Business Video Reviews"

This is a Step-By-Step Blueprint that tells you exactly how to create review videos, edit them, and submit them to YouTube… all in a way that will get them ranking at the top of Google and YouTube search results.


A video review is a powerful way to show potential customers – ones that are ready and looking for places to spend money – exactly what working with you will be like.


These days people Google everything before making a major decision. Even at the grocery store or the mall, it’s common to search your phone for better options or better prices before making a purchase.


So even when people have heard of you, checked your site and are even thinking of calling, they are still highly likely to search the web for reviews and to get the low down on you.

This creates an incredible opportunity to set yourself up for success by hand picking your best reviews and serving them on a silver platter.

We do this using video for multiple reasons:


People are too distracted to read a bunch of text, so a short video is the ideal way to quickly receive information.


Even though anybody can create a video, most people still don’t. Being one of the very few taking the initiative and showing the authority to do this will instantly build your credibility in the mind of your potential customers.


It is incredibly quick and easy to rank your review at the top of Google and YouTube by using videos (if you know what to do).


Unlike a normal review on Google or Yelp, you can add a powerful call to action right in your video review. This prompts and pushes people to contact you while you are still fresh in their minds.

The Best Part...

You Can Literally Have Your Video Review Ranking In
Google And YouTube By The End Of The Week

That's our goal for you.

We want you to be able to follow this blueprint step-by-step and have your video ranked, sometimes within just a few hours.

Because if you don’t take control of your marketing and how people learn about you online, you’re just letting them go to your competitors


The business that serves their community and makes it easy to learn about and deal with them (via the internet) is the one that will end up dominating the marketplace.

You have to be very decisive in every action you take in order to receive the good graces of Google – aka rank your video on the first page of Google and YouTube. You can simply make a video and submit it to YouTube, but if you don’t do it correctly, that video and the effort you put into will be nearly worthless.

But we’ve created and tested a process that works almost like magic.

This process is exactly what you’ll learn in our blueprint.

Some of our dead-on tips include:

The Edge over Competitors

Paying Customers

Why most local businesses don’t take advantage of the lucrative benefits video provides (and how you can use video to get more paying customers).

Create Videos

Instructions Included

How to shoot videos that get you more business even if you’ve never shot, edited, or submitted a video to the internet.

Why Videos Work

Get Control

Why only a fool would not use video reviews for their local business if they knew how (hint: when people go searching for info about your business, you normally have little to no control of the reviews they see…)

What To Say

To Earn Trust

The “secret” thing you should say at the very beginning of a video review (fail to do this and your prospects will never feel like they can trust you)

Anatomy of the Video


The four parts every video review must have in order to be successful (ignore just one part and you will likely only see a fraction of the results as you could)

How To Dress

For Video

What you should wear if you plan to be on camera (it’s dead obvious but people still get this wrong because… if they’ve never shot a video)

Hiring Professionals

Not Needed

The reason you don’t need to hire an expensive professional writer just to create a compelling video script.

Gain Authority

YouTube Videos

Why YouTube is the #1 place to show your reviews ...(it actually beats Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie’s list and all the rest combined).

The 5 Tools


The 5 “tools” you need to create a winning video review that ranks on the first page of Google (you probably already have them)

Converting Videos

The 2 Types

There are two types of highly successful video reviews, the Promotional Review and the Personal Review (while one works better than the other, we’ll show you how to create and use them both).

What Not To Do


The worst thing you can do in preparing for a video shoot (this can completely kill or even reverse the effectiveness of your video review).

Don't Worry About

Focus On

The video element you can almost counter-intuitively ignore .....  (and the one video element that is extremely important if you want to see results)

How To Address

The Customers

Why you should write a video script for your audience,
not anyone else ... (including yourself).

Video Examples

To Model

2 working examples that you can model your video reviews off of (currently up and running… closing hot prospects on auto-pilot)

  • And a whole bunch more, including…

How to show Google your video is relevant (this little trick “persuades” Google to rank your video high in search results)… 7 video file properties you must label just right if you care about ranking your video on the first page of Google… How to add text to your videos to almost guarantee your viewer knows who you are and how to contact you… and even…

Step-By-Step Guidance On How To Edit Your Video

Even a computer illiterate could follow these steps. We tell you how to open your editing software, upload the files, make changes, add text, save the file… everything.

If you can read, type (even if it’s just hunt and pecking with your pointer fingers) and click a mouse… you can do this.

And we’re still not done. We also include:

  • The exact steps you need to do to a video before uploading it to YouTube (skip these and you’ve wasted every second of your time).
  • The biggest mistake people make while uploading videos to YouTube (if you don’t know this, you’re smart phone or computer could actually be destroying your chances of ranking in Google).
  • The 3 links you must include in your video description on YouTube if you want rank in Google (and to create an effective video review).
  • Why using this one URL link shortener will blow the others out of the water when it comes to ranking your video on Google (and it’s not the common one you normally see all over the internet).
  • How to use Wikipedia to actually build your authority in the eyes of Google.  Get relevant content with authority.
  • One tiny piece of a website URL you better not forget to add to your YouTube description (don’t type this and you’re just shooting yourself in the foot).
  • What you need to include in the first sentence of your YouTube video description if you want to greatly increase your chances of showing up in a Google search result.
  • A secret trick on how to “spy” on Google in order to give it exactly what it wants (this tip removes any guesswork on how to optimize your video and make Google happy).
  • 3 tools every business should use if they want to be in good standing with Google (these are important for ranking any videos related to your business, not just video reviews).
  • Feeling lazy? Outsourcing this work to a virtual assistant could get your account flagged (if you don’t take one extra step for your protection).
  • An insider’s secret on how to “force” Google and other major sites to index your newly submitted video (so that it starts ranking immediately, not in weeks or months).
  • The stupidly simple way to quickly create free backlinks to your video page (even if you think you know how, you are probably missing one tiny step).
  • How you can take advantage of this one powerful (and free) source for backlinks (hint: it’s sitting right under your nose, yet almost nobody is using it).
  • What you can do to make almost unlimited money off of this report, even if you never create your own review video.

So here’s the deal:

This blueprint can help you earn more income for your business with 3 different methods if applied correctly.  Promoting your business by a video review is what most business owners initially want from this blueprint.  There are at least two other streams of income that you can form from this blueprint.  As a business owner, you are probably aware of opportunities when they present themselves.  We offer business owners to participate in our Biz Review Video Blueprint and in addition you can create your own opportunities to other business owners.

3 Easy Methods of Income for Your Business
Apply any One, Two, or All 3


This is the primary reason for this Blueprint is to help business owners in their own marketing efforts online.  People will search for your company reviews and this is the easiest way to have control of what others will see about your business.  Turn those prospects into paying customers. 



Treat others as you would like to be treated and get paid for doing so.  Many times we refer products and or services that we are very well satisfied with to other family and friends.  Well, why not get paid for doing so, we will show you how to do this and get paid on every referral from you that ends up purchasing this Blueprint.



If you or a member of your company ranked your own video review and found this process rather easy, then why not not make this a part of your business.  Instead of referring this blueprint, you can implement and create and rank videos for other business owners.  You make your own price and terms. 

Create and Rank, Promote, Implement or All 3 With

Biz Review Video Blueprint

For The DIY Business Owner
We offer Biz Review Video Blueprint that walks you through exactly how to get your review in front of your potential customers (immediately).

Normally we offer the “Blueprint for Converting with Local Business Review Videos” for $199. But for a limited time, we are cutting the price in half while we launch this new product…

That means you’ll pay only $99 if you buy it today!

In this blueprint we’ve included – crystal clear – every single step you need to take if you want to create, edit, optimize, upload and promote your video. The end result will be your video ranking on the first page of Google and YouTube.

Biz Review Video Blueprint

  • Complete Step By Step Download
  • No Guesswork
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Just Follow Along
  • No Special Equipment Needed
  • Links to examples
  • Hand This Blueprint over to your team

Biz Review Video Blueprint

Limited Time Only, Most Economical But Evergreen Choice
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We are so confident in our method of ranking review videos that we’re willing to put the risk 100% on us. We offering a rock solid guarantee.

If you follow the blueprint by download exactly as the steps are laid out and you don’t get your video review ranked on the first page of Google, we will happily get your video ranked for you (or provide a full refund).

It’s an easy offer for us because we know this system works.

Now it’s time to choose if you want to control what
people hear about you or leave that up to the internet.

Get started right now and you could have a ranking review video
up and converting leads by the end of the week.

And earn extra income by helping other business owners.

Your Company Can Be Next

Don't Get Left Behind: Get Ranked Today!

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