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How To Market My Business Online For Free

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A short Intro About Our Website

If you have been asking “How to market my business online for free?”, then you are not alone. Many businesses struggle with how to get their business out there to be seen on the internet. Hiring someone to make you a local website that works can not only cost you a lot of money but could cost you time as well. Until you know what should go and not go into your local business website, use free services on the internet.

Using free services to market you business online will get you in the practice of what it is you need to have for your prospects. This will make good practice so that when you are ready to make your website, you will be very well prepared. Some of you may already have a website and that is not a problem, we will be going over that on another post.

RankMyLocalBusiness.com provides free training on promoting you business online. There are many aspects to know about marketing on the internet but there is nothing really complicated. The objective is to build authority in your industry through the internet. Yes page one in Google is always a plus and though everyone promises that to you, what is it that your company really wants?

We market our business online for one purpose, to get the leads and then turn those leads into paying prospects. Does it really matter where on the internet those leads are coming from? There are plenty of free spaces on the internet to get your business out there to be seen by your potential customers.

Where to advertise online for Free

Craigslist is the big monster that most people list their service for free. There is still many business owners that do not know the power of Craigslist. List your business according in Craigslist and if possible, leave a link pointing back to your website. Craigslist carries a lot of link juice, this juice helps build you website authority.

Backpage is another online free classified site. To find others, do a search for “classifieds + city, state” This should give results for your local area you are wanting to promote your business. Although free, most of these sites require to create accounts, make a spreadsheet to make it easy to keep up with the details of each account.

Other free spaces to advertise are through social media sites. Yes there is paid advertising but you can still show your work off for free in sites such as facebook and especially youtube. Take pictures and videos of your work and post and share with friends, get the word out. We hired a caterer because of someone we knew on facebook, he does not even have his own domain, facebook is all he has. We also hired a custom furniture maker for cabinets – again, facebook is all he has for marketing.

There are a lot of free local business directories where you can list your business. Be prepared to receive upsell phone calls. They will call and tell you how many leads you are missing. This is up to you but if you choose to go with paid advertising, be prepared with data or you could end up paying a lot for nothing.

To be visible on the search engines, optimize everything you do for the results you want and be consistent. Check out the resources section at RankMyLocalBusiness.com

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