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Most local lead generation service companies will collect leads from the internet through their marketing. They will use directories, paid ads, and some will rank organically because of their sites authority. The cost of their advertising gets passed on to the business owner, not just one but usually these companies will send these leads to several companies. Whether you get the job or not, get chance to talk to them or not, they will charge you. These are called shared leads.

Imagine, getting a lead and then having to pay $50 for that lead. You call them, and can’t get in touch with them. You call them and do get in touch with them and they tell you, they didn’t call. Or maybe you get in touch with them and they have already found someone for the work. You do get in touch, show up for an estimate and 2 other contractors are there submitting very low quotes. You and the other 2 contractors still have to pay for that lead. This is happening so often and most business owners do not realize they do not have to pay for share leads when they can get exclusive leads at a much better deal.

We supply our clients with exclusive leads. We build a website as well as web properties to point to the website and promote the site as well. We will market our client’s information on our site which eventually gets ranked. The site starts generating leads for our clients. These are exclusive leads that are directed as per our client’s instructions. We have several options to work this for our clients, call to discuss your best option.

Our local lead generation sites eliminate the need for the business owner to maintain the website. Our company is essentially renting our site out to the local business owner. Our sites include a tracking number with recording capabilities. These tracking phone numbers are listed on all web pages that point to our website used for generating leads. This alone increases our web properties exposure which increases traffic. Our company can get these sites ranked and directs all leads to the business owner phone or number of their choice.

To get this type of service that produces quality exclusive local leads, give us a call or send us a message. We will be more than glad to help in any way possible.

We also have the option to have our team take your calls, collect data and even setup appointments if requested. This will qualify your lead before you even get the info. All that is left is for you to close the sale.

You probably have been contacted several times to get your business website ranked on 1st page. How did that work out for you. You end up paying and the site never hits page one. You pay and you have no business coming in from that money you spent.

Our local lead generation service works on getting you phone calls from people searching the internet looking for your service or product. This method is structured to convert more calls to sales. If you need help getting this into action, give us a call or send us a message. We will be more than glad to work with you. We aim to satisfy our clients so that they may be more profitable. If you the business owner gets more business and make more profit from our service, then this is a win win for all involved. The consumer gets a problem solved, the business owner gets more business and referrals and our local lead generation is providing a need to our clients.