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Convert Website to Mobile

The need to convert websites to be mobile-friendly is no longer an option but rather a necessity if business owners want their sites to rank high in Google. Did you know that if your website is not mobile compatible, it may have a negative effect with Google rankings?

The question most local business owners have is “Is my website mobile friendly?” The easiest way to check if your website is mobile friendly is to enter you website address into your smart phone and evaluate the following.

  • Can you read the content easily, without having to adjust screen by zooming in or scrolling left and right?
  • Can you quickly navigate and get to a page you are looking for?
  • Does the site load quickly? Note – turn off your WIFI and do this with your mobile data plan.
  • Can all the key content of your site be seen in 1 or 2 screen views

Answering no to any of these questions above could indicate your site is out dated for todays fast running mobile users. These outdated sites will need to address the issue of converting their websites to be mobile friendly.

Provided that your local business website answers yes to the above questions, the other issue to address – is your site optimized to convert visitors into leads? To ensure the mobile website is properly structured for optimal conversions, make sure the contact phone number is formatted for tap to call and shows up immediately. Also, make sure you have a submit form easy to read and fill out by visitors.

People today are on the go and their smart phones are nearby to provide their every need. When they are looking for a local service or product, searches are performed on their phones to fulfill their need online. The question is, does your website show up? If your website doesn’t, then you are probably losing business -- and don’t even know it.

Your customers are mobile so your site needs to be optimized to fill their need. Your top competitors that are showing up in the local search results are more than likely optimized for mobile and getting more business because of this. Is your site ready for this traffic that comes from mobile devices?

If not, then don’t’ worry. Our team can give your website a fresh look and improved functionality with the following:

  • Proportionally scaled, easy-to-read content
  • Navigation that is simplified and mobile-friendly
  • Sites that load pages fast
  • Clear Calls-to-Action designed to convert visitors into callers
  • Touch-friendly buttons you can click on with your fingertip.

The main reason to convert your site to be mobile friendly is to make your site clear and easy for your potential customers. The site that meets these needs will make it easy for the visitor to navigate, translate and communicate with you the business owner as you made it easy for them.

Our sites are mobile friendly and optimized to convert visitors into paying customers. We can help you get your site converted, click here to find out how