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Local SEO helps small business websites show up for the 85% of consumers who will be searching for them online.

As a business owner, do you understand the power of this statistic? If you do, great – what are you doing about it? Need help getting there then Click Here or give us a call.

If you do not understand or asking yourself – what does this have to do with me - then let’s look at it this way. When you get a water leak, do you get in the car and look for a billboard? Do you go look on T-shirts? Do you go look for door hangers that have ads? Do you put the TV on and wait for a plumber’s commercial? What about that yellow phone book up in the cabinets ( believe it or not, some still do) ? Most people get on their computer, tablet or phone and do a search for a plumber, some just talk to siri or Google and say “plumber, city, state”

Now what shows up on most search results is a page, with ads at the very top and the Local Business Search Results, normally with tap to call phone number, address and website and at times reviews. This is what I call the drive-thru, they know what they want and are ready to pay so sometimes they don’t even go in your store (website). These sites get here by optimizing the data on their websites for the local business search engines.

Now, do a search for the service or product your business provides. Does your website show up? How about page 2? Ask yourself a question. How many times do you search on page 2 or 3 or even past with the same search term? Most consumers will stay above the fold to find what they need. Above the fold is simply the results that show up on the screen before you do any scrolling.

Our local business websites have been optimized to appear above the fold. The amount of local SEO required will always be dependent on the amount of competition. Something to consider, the tougher the competition, the longer it will take to overcome them. Local SEO is ongoing, once you get to the top, rest assured the person you just climbed on top of, will more than likely be making moves to get back on top.

So now that you know what local SEO does, what is it? Suppose you are in Fort Worth and you ask a crowd of 100 people, anyone know of a local steakhouse? They will all start answering and the one person that shouts “Shannon’s Place” will never be heard because he is the only one that knows about the place out of the 100 people. The other 99 start shouting Del Frisco’s Steakhouse on Main St because not only are they agreeing, they all know where the place Is located and will probably give you their phone number. You will hear the 99. This is basically how the search engines for local business works. When you search for steakhouse Fort Worth, you just asked the internet the same question. Local SEO is getting more people (websites) to shout your name and the more they agree with each other the louder they will be. You want to get the right people (website) to shout your name. If a person from Portland Oregon is shouting your name from a beauty parlor business, you will more than likely not take them as serious as someone shouting your name from a steakhouse in Dallas, TX. The algorithm that search engines use are ever changing, learning from itself.

We optimize our local businesses with websites/pages the search engines know, like and trust. Our company has a good reputation on getting results oriented websites from our local SEO practices. Call us now for a free consultation. We can help you expand your business.