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Local Video Marketing is no longer about spending thousands on TV commercials. More people spend time on the internet than on TV and some even watch it on the internet. Running your business video commercials on the internet directed towards your audience will help boost sales as well as trust and credibility. Is your company using local video marketing?

Our company can assist you in producing this video for you. If you want to do this yourself, Click Here, or you can work with our team which can produce videos for you, call us to find out more or send us a message.

It has been noted by William Glasser that we learn 10% of what we read (written content), 20% of what we hear “audio files”, 30% of what we see “Photo/pics”, and 50% of what we hear and see “video”. There has been another consumer study that shows people are 80% more likely to buy something after watching a video. Think about that, if you are not using video, it is like leaving money on the table.

Create engaging relevant video’s for your client. Educate them on your services. If you deliver quality content to your audience, they will be back and are more likely to share your videos with others. Here is an example of a plumber that may want to engage in local video marketing campaign. Create a video to repair a leaking faucet. It does not have to be long, just shoot short clips of the steps that need to be taken. Optimize it and upload to Youtube. Embed on your business website. Your video can now be found in 2 different locations, Youtube and your business website. Now you have just helped out those who have the skills to carry out the repairs. Oh, you are asking how does this provide income for my company? Have you ever heard of Amazon? They have just about everything for sale, including tools, did you know you can sign up as an affiliate and get paid a commission. Any traffic you direct to them and they end up buying something, they pay you. So, make a video and promote the tools, leave a link to that tool on Amazon with your affiliate link. If they go to Amazon and don’t buy the tool but purchased a Big Screen TV they found on sale, you still get paid. If they don’t buy anything, don’t sweat it. You provided quality content and someone will bookmark and or share your site. When they watch your videos, they stay on your site longer which tells Google this site provides relevant content for what they were searching for and ultimately getting your website higher in rankings. The higher your site ranks, the more visits you will have. This puts your business in position to have more sales.

Local video marketing is probably the most powerful marketing tool available to small businesses today, yet very few utilize this tool. Videos are far more persuasive than written content and provide great SEO benefits for your business website as well. Posting multiple videos on Youtube also increases the chances of your business to be found.

Our team can create a local video marketing campaign that will produce quality professional videos with interesting and compelling content that will be optimized for the search terms your audience is looking for in Google. We can produce these high quality videos at affordable prices. Videos are easy to share on social sites which can increase your chance of going viral.