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  • Make it Simple and Clean
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Is your website bringing leads that convert to sales? If so, you probably don’t need us unless you know the work that goes into this process and want us to take care of it for you. If not, take notes or bookmark us as we are here to assist the small business owner.

Your website for your business is your virtual store. Do you know the main stores around the area you live? These stores know the importance of location and they are there so you can see them. Is your virtual store visible when they look for you? We will cover that in the SEO Section. In this section we will stick with the actual design of you website.

Your website for your business needs to be modeled in the same manner as the major successful brick and mortar business. Once the potential client finds your website, does it look good? Does it display what they are looking to buy? Is it clean, neat and easy to recognize what type of store they are in?

Ok, listen to this very carefully and think about it. When you walk into a burger place to eat a burger, you, without thinking about it, check the place out, is it clean enough, does it have a nice atmosphere, can you see what they have to offer? Why do you think you always see the burger pictures? Now – when is the last time you asked yourself, I wonder who the owner is? I wonder if he or she is married and belongs to PTA? I wonder if he or she went to Harvard? Probably very seldom – you are hungry and want a burger to eat. This is why you see clean restaurants with pics of burgers on the wall and bathrooms clearly labeled. Yes, owner credentials are important, especially for a small business, but you are selling your service or product and that needs to be the main attraction.

The drive thru – this if for customer convenience, they do not have time to come in and look around, they know what they want and they are there to spend money, period. How does this relate to the small business websites? Think about this, if you need a plumber for a leak now – you will probably use your smart phone and search for emergency plumber for your area. Have you noticed that many times you have the option to “tap to call”? When customers use the tap to call, they just went thru the drive thru. So, is anyone working the drive thru? Do you have a drive thru? People that go thru the drive thru are ready to spend money are you in the position to take the money in exchange for your service.

We design websites for small businesses to meet these objectives. Or virtual stores can be found by targeted customers. Our sites are clean, attractive, and present what they come in to buy. Our sites are also deigned to convert with strong call to action, causing the visitors to either call or submit their info. Our virtual stores also have virtual signs all over the web directing customers to visit us. We are constantly building authority so we stand above other stores n the area and yes we have our drive thrus set up and open 24/7.

Our virtual stores are designed to be in front of customers that need your service. Our stores are designed to convert visitors to leads. Call us for a free consultation. We have many options to assist your business.